Mahila Balaga Activities

First off, Smt. Mahalakshmi welcomed all the members of the group and emphasized that our goal was to strive for the betterment of the Brahmana Sangha.

The following members were selected for the post of:

  • Chairman - Smt. Mahalakshmi
  • Secretary - Smt. Usha Iyer
  • Joint Secretary - Smt. Padma Srinivas
  • Joint Secretary - Smt. Gayithri Prabhakar
New posts can always be created as and when required.

There was a brainstorming session held to determine the kind of projects/work that could be done by this new found ladies association for the upcoming year. The following are some of the ideas that were discussed.

1. At the annual events organised by the Brahmana sangha (annual day celebrations, guru purnima, shiva rathri celebrations, etc), a cultural programme could be organised by the ladies association. Towards that end, a bhajan group has been created ( includes all core members). This group will meet every 2 nd and 4th wednesday of the month. The agenda is to learn/ practice new bhajans and be prepared to sing at these cultural events. The first practice session will be held at Smt. Vijaya's house on Jan 8th between 11am and 12.30 am. More details about this item will emerge later.

2. At least 2 yearly trips to be planned / organised by the ladies, for the ladies.
a. A short day trip to nearby places.
b. A longer 2/3 day trips to slightly far off places
The details (how, when and where) about these trips shall be discussed at later meetings.

3. Various workshops to be conducted, probably once in 2 months. ( This is open to discussion). For eg.,
a. Health related workshops about breast cancer awareness, diabetes, etc b. Learning about Nutrition in our day-to-day cooking
c. Learning an art/craft activity like diya decoration, rangoli, etc

4. Volunteering at NGOs or Government Schools, etc. For example, half day volunteer work at Samarthanam or spending a day with the residents of Karunaashraya. ( What kind of help/services can we provide for these organisations, need to be discussed). Padma has graciously agreed to find out more about this at Samarthanam.

5. Food festivals- Food stalls to be set up by the ladies wherein different varieties of food items would be served. Cookery demonstrations could also be held during thiese events.

Overall, this was a very fruitful meeting..Any feedback regarding any of the above points would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you